The Issues

The Mayors' Coalition is not questioning the service delivered by the Ontario Provincial Police. The service is of a high quality and everyone is entitled to fair pay. Our concern is simply financial and administrative sustainability. We believe the standard of service can be maintained while drastically reducing the cost of producing it.

Uncontrolled Costs

  • Almost 90% of the cost of policing is labour costs. The average cost per constable today is $147,000
  • OPP wages do not reflect the diversity of the province and regional differences such as cost of living
  • An arbitration culture does not adequately consider a municipality's ability to pay
  • Compensation is ultimately determined by communities which aren't served by the OPP
  • OPP base salaries have almost doubled in five years
  • The province has promised that the OPP will be best-paid force in Canada
  • In some municipalities, policing costs account for half of the municipal tax levy


  • The cost of police services is exceeding the municipalities' ability to pay
  • Lack of competition means costs will continue to escalate
  • High costs of policing results in the cutting of other essential services


  • The OPP costing formulas are not transparent
  • Municipal councils are not informed on how the funds they collect are spent which puts them in breach of their legal obligations to their residents and ratepayers
  • Municipal councils have little control over police spending; wages and other costs are arbitrarily set by the province with no stakeholder input
  • The relationship between the OPP and municipalities is effectively a dictatorship (i.e. costs are determined by only one party)