Take Action

The goal of the Mayors' Coalition can be summed up in four letters: ASAP.

We want to see Affordable, Sustainable, Accountable Policing.

Policing has evolved a great deal since the province established the current policy and funding model. We believe a better partnership needs to be created between the province and the municipalities who pay for service. In short, we believe ongoing reform is needed.


  • Municipalities need to have control over the money they spend on the service.
  • The service needs to be accountable to the taxpayers of the municipalities who fund it.
  • A billing model is needed that is simple, transparent and balanced in its application of costs.


Please consider supporting our cause through membership in the Mayors' Coalition. A donation of $1000 is suggested, however there is no set membership fee. Municipalities of all sizes (and financial means) are welcome to participate.